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NEW!... Under "Quick-Click Links" you will find your Master Deed and Bylaws in PDF format with a clickable Table of Contents. You will also find the TCHA document library. We post all of the Financial Statements, and minutes from our meetings.



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  Seat 1 Seat 2 Seat 3 Seat 4 Seat 5
2006 Terry O.   Leland B.   Sachin H.
2007   Steve N.   Pam B.   
2008 Terry O.   Leland B.   Sherry J.
2009   Beth K.   Pam B.  
2010 Terry O.   Leland B.   Sherry J.
2011   Beth K.   Sandy C.  
2012 Terry O.   Ashok K.   Sherry J.
2013   Beth K.   Sandy C.  
2014 David R.   Scott W.   Rod J.

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